Strictly Quickie – Week 1 & 2

*My weekly word-deprived rundown of Strictly. Breezy with a chance of spoilers.*

*All puns intended.*


Strictly Top

  • Abi & Aljaž. Waltz. Fanciful in the first week. Score – 32/40

Strictly Bottom

  • Tony & Aliona. Waltz. No rise, all fall. Swing and a miss. Score – 16/40

Strictly Hot

  • Natalie & Artem. Mostly because I can imagine I’m the one dancing with Artem, with Natalie being one letter away from my name. Oh and the Cha Cha wasn’t too bad.

Week 1 Artem & Natalie

[sustaining the illusion when I can’t make out her face]

Strictly Not

  • Brucey Bashing. To tweeters complaining about his “bad jokes”; lighten up and don’t make a peep about Brucey till you’ve been in the business 74 years. Hush now.

Strictly Special

  • Susanna’s Shaking. Botched cartwheels never looked so good. Early favourite.

Week 1 Susanna's Jive



Strictly Top

  • Sophie & Brendan. Charleston. Top & Bottom dances same again. Sophie & Brendan show how its done and beyond. Slick. 36/40

Strictly Bottom

  • Tony & Aliona. Charleston. Too tricky for Tony in week 2. Bubye Tony. Score – 13/40

Strictly Hot

  • Costume Kudos. Julien & Janette’s gothic, royal garbs. Applause for the costume dept.

Week 2 Julien & Janette

Strictly Not

  • “Love Week” Trailer. Sadly not all our celebrities are actors. Strictly sickly.

Strictly Special

  • Matt Goss. From Bros. Back in a big band performance. Stylish.

Week 2 Matt Goss

*Natalie & Artem topped the leaderboard overall with 31 (wk 1) + 34 (wk 2) = 65/80.


Freestyle: Dance on a Budget


Calling all penny-pinchers, scrimpers and those on a student budget! Here’s a few ways to get your dance fix for free!


If you happen to have stumbled across my astonished ramblings about the live stream of The Place Prize Final, you’ll know I’m excited about their next venture. Tonight (!!!) London Contemporary Dance School are streaming their students’ graduation pieces live and totally free. Watch the stream here –

  • Thursday 27th June 2013 – 8pm

Dancing in the Street

Hello overused pun and hello Argentine Tango. If you’ve ever wanted to know what it feels like to be Tango’d, then head on down to Spitalfields on the evenings below. Oh and check out the video from 2011 to get an idea of the evening. Find them at or #tangtastic

From 6.30pm on…

  • Sundays – 30th June , 21th July, 8th September
  • Thursdays – 25th July, 29th August, 26th September

HD Hullabaloo

If you’re lucky enough to have Sky Arts, then check it out for some high definition dance. It’s a hub for all things culture and there are some real dance gems  to discover .  Below is a selection  box from the next week but check out the TV  guide for more, hit record and enjoy.

On Sky Arts 2 HD…

TaliaTalks: Top Tip – Cloud Dance Festival

Returning the 5th – 7th of July, Cloud Dance Festival is once again showcasing the best of emerging choreographers. Taking place at the Bernie Grant Arts Centre in North London and featuring 21 dance works, it’ll be a unmissable weekend choc-a-block with new dance. Click the link below to find out more … and to escape from the buzzword-fest that is this Top Tip.

Cloud Dance Festival

We’re All in This Together

Mmm…don’t you just love High School Musical references. No? Well maybe you love supporting hardworking artists. If you do, Cloud Dance Festival have set up a fantastic Crowdfunding campaign that you can check out here

TaliaTalks: Top Tip – Nobody’s Baby Dance Marathon

Mr. and Mrs. Jones dancing

Mr. and Mrs. Jones dancing (Photo credit: State Library of Victoria Collections)

TaliaTalks: Top Tip – Nobody’s Baby Dance Marathon

An experiment courtesy of Arthur Pita, 8 performers are on their final day of completing a 100 hour dance marathon, recreating the dance marathons of the 1930s.

Pita’s final piece Nobody’s Baby will be shown in 2014, but switch on tonight between 6 & 9 to see the dancers near the end of their marathon at the Borough Hall. Or if you’re in Greenwich, pop down and see the dancers LIVE!

(Link above available from Greenwich Dance Agency…and photo courtesy of the 1930s…because a vague black and white photo always sums up the 1930s)

Happy International Dance Day!

Celebrate with a treat from last year’s Paralympic Closing Ceremony!

The section was titled ‘Joy’ because if Brazil had a national occupation it would be joy. How incredible is that?!

Look out for dance off battle that fuses samba and hip hop titled a batalha do passinhos and Samba Na Ponta. Yes that’s Samba in Pointe shoes. Wowzers.

A Dream on a Live Stream – The Place Prize 2013

Alongside being a dance writer, I’m also a student which inevitably means that whatever spare money I do have usually gets spent on large quantities of basics pasta and baked beans and sadly, not on seeing dance shows. So obviously whenever I get the chance to see new dance for free and even better than that to see new dance LIVE, I leap at the opportunity.
On Saturday 27th of April, The Place broadcast a live stream of the Place Prize 2013 to a great reception of online audiences. It was an ambitious move to stream four short pieces, alongside interviews with dance professionals and audience members, introductory and closing speeches, keeping up with the swift changes between performances, and trying to keep the feed live and up to date when the audience and overall winners were announce. All this was achieved, without missing out on the essence, nuances and detail of the choreographies and this broadcast was received warmly by a swarm of twitter critics, perhaps the most critical viewers of all. Praise ranged from the timing of the stream to the quality and even to the appreciation of essentially being able to attend a night at the theatre in pyjamas. Live streaming isn’t easy, as was demonstrated with the sound and visual troubles with the start of What’s Next conference on Monday so credit really should be laid down where credit is due.

Of course singing high praises about the live stream could go on for much longer, but it’s probably time to go on to the stars of the night, the choreographies. The four works included Rick Nodine’s Dead Gig, Eva Recacha’s The Wishing Well, Audience vote winners h2 Dance with Duet and the overall winner of the night Riccardo Buscarini’s Athletes. Four bold works, they travelled between reminiscence and futurism, silence and speech, tension and humour, each in their own way.

I’m gonna do this “review” a little differently. Firstly a short description from the programme of the works, followed by a print screen of an instant tweet on the night, followed by a 140 character reflection. Why? Partly because my blog has no set structure, partly because this is the age of social media and partly because I simply can. Being my own editor is great…


Rick Nodine’s Dead Gig: I wanted to touch the naive beginnings of my dancing and the passion of being a teenage fan.

Review Dead Gig

See also: Armitage, Drastic Classicism. Music culture can work, but the retro wasn’t quite right. Loved the psychedelic lights #hippyhifive

Riccardo Buscarini’s Athletes: I wanted to create a dark piece using brightness, to build an engine using bodies, to show hate using love.

Review Athletes

Enticing pace, starkly futuristic, complex sequences. Movement intricacies accentuated by Brooke Roberts stunning costumes #onesiesfordance

Eva Recacha’s The Wishing Well:  I was interested in the idea of wishing as a motor for life, how our wishes materialise and what they become over time.

Review Wishing Well

The whimsy and worth of childhood wishes encaspsulated through well executed choreography and voice. Reminiscence just right #mywinner

H2 Dance’s Duet: In duet, we bring to the surface truths and lies about our professional partnership and life as a twosome.

Review Duet

Punchy, slick with a whole lot of laughs,the dramturg’s touch was clear. Witty clearly won over a buzzing audience #audiencechoice


The Place’s stream was a triumph of accessibility and art, merging live broadcast, live dance and live beings; beings with a love of dance coming together to appreciate and support new artists. Theatre or Twittersphere, it was a treasure of an evening.

Place Prize Trending(always nice to see dance trending alongside talent shows…and cheese)

**The whole evening as we saw it on the live stream is available here via The Place’s Youtube channel**

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